Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Big Chill 5K 2015, Dec. 5th

9:22 AM The Big Chill 5K 2015 
It was a beautiful day for a "run". Our 5K really was maybe a 2K with all of the short cuts that we took and the walk to the parking garage definitely added to our walk. We might have cut down our distance we ended with a happy Andrew and Zachary and 2/3 is really good odds considering that Adam is never happy in a large crowd of people. I feel like this family activity helps kick our Christmas season off to a good start.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sharks and Friendly Hurricane Harbor

At the Guriguss' Shark Week kick off party complete with decorations, themed food, and costumes we were invited to come to Hirricane Harbor (water park) with everyone. So basically that party was going to continue tomorrow. This summer's party feels never ending as we have had an event everyday. Although this is not good for my waist line this kids are having a blast.

We got the house ready for the cleaning ladies were able to pack a lunch and blasted off to the park and we're still able to get there in time for the rush on chairs which is when we were able to find the Neilsens. Having friends there gave the park a better feel of security and fun. The older boys went off to do their fun in the slides etc and moms stayed close to the little ones as they played in the pool and pirate ship. The lazy river was enjoyed by all. I really enjoyed watching Sydney and Andrew float the river together hanging on my tube, and laughing. 

It was time to leave but I just couldn't tear the boys away. All three were in the pool playing with each other being so sweet to one another. I sat and watched to soak it all in. These are the times that really are the best. My heart was full as I watched them laughing together.  Finally the amount of people around reached critical mass that combined with the pain in my neck radiating through my body cause me to pull the plug and we took off. I only took one pic the whole day it was as we left the park. I whisk I could capture it all and jar it up and keep these moments forever. 

That evening at the Chiro the dr was telling me how ungrateful his little girl was etc. I couldn't relate. The boys (especially Zach) have showered me with thanks and are just so sweet. They are good to the core and I feel so blessed to have such a delicious bunch of boys.